1. Hailing from the outskirts of Northern Europe, the Scandalnavians rises as new talented group of riders to carry on the strong tradition of stylish and progressive snowboarding on all kinds of terrain. The riding speaks for itself, so instead of putting more superlatives in every sentance we recommend you to just watch the teaser.

    Make sure to follow us on instagram @scandalnavians and visit our website scandalnavians.com to catch all the latest news.

    Viktor Wiberg, Philip Grund and Caroline Degardh are representing Salomon and Bonfire.

  2. Salomon and Bonfire Sweden went on a teamweekend to Kläppen Snow Park. Most of the team has been busy filming for the upcoming Scandalnavians movie and the trip to Kläppen was a time to chill and enjoy some springshredding.


    Alexander De La Torre

    Caroline Degardh

    George Persson

    Noa Gadelius

    Philip Grund

    Viktor Wiberg


    Robban Gustafsson & Dennis Olsson

  3. Method Mag ketchup with Rolf Nylinder

  4. Per Erik Andreas Axelsson interview at Bitchslap Magazine

    Interview with Salomon rider Andreas Axelsson. Check it out!

  5. bonfiresalomon:

R: Louif ParadisVia: Network A
  6. Chris Grenier is setting out on his own this year to create a full online video part along with some guaranteed entertaining edits along the way. Follow Chris all year long on vgsnow.com

  7. @cdawgandthetinypony in the Spot Light #salomonsnowboards #bonfiresnowboarding

    @cdawgandthetinypony in the Spot Light #salomonsnowboards #bonfiresnowboarding

  8. Philip Grund a.k.a @larry_h #salomonsnowboards #bonfiresnowboarding

    Philip Grund a.k.a @larry_h #salomonsnowboards #bonfiresnowboarding

  9. Rolf Nylinder gets weird

  10. DLT @ Transition.se

    Alex De La Torre rates his best iPhone games at Transition.se, check it!

  11. Felix Mobärg interview at Transition.se

    Felix Mobärg interview at Transition.se. Check it and find out why Felix moved to the US and what he thinks about American women.

  12. bonfiresalomon:

    High Res
  13. bonfiresalomon:

    High Res
  14. Per Erik Andreas Axelsson

  15. Another full length RANDOM BASTARDS video all for free on December 24th!